GCE (Gas Control Equipment)

Gas Cutting products are one of the most essential products in the Heavy Engineering & Fabrication sector. Over the year’s plasma cutting and CNC has been replacing this application, but inspite of this changes and upgrades Oxy Cutting continuous to be in the market for simple reason that the initial cost on the equipment is less and can be used on any structural materials.

ITWS offers Gas cutting products in Victor and GCE Brands. Even though we are not the official partners for Victor, we are the authorized resellers for these products and one of the high-volume sellers of these product in the country. For GCE products we are the official partners for the country.


GCE Gas Cutting Products

GCE is the European market leader in gas cutting products and ITWS is the direct distributor for the country. GCE offers the complete range of gas cutting products and regulators. These regulators are designed for more safety. The multi stage flash back arrestors are the most widely acknowledged product in the market.

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