Weldcraft – the leader in the Tig Torch segment is part of ITW welding group and ITWS is proud to be partnered with weldcraft for this region.
Weldcraft offers both Air Cooled and Water Cooled Tig torches and accessories. Tig torches are available with different current ratings based on the filler materials that is being used. It also comes with Flexi head allowing the welder to have flexibility while welding at different position.


Air Cooled Torches

Air cooled torches comes in different series depending on the current rating and each has its own specification and output. A-80, A-125, A-150 & A-200 are the models available under this category.

Water Cooled Torches

When the thickness of the job goes high and the requirement of power increases to meet the needed welding demand, Air cooled torches are not the right choice for these applications. Water cooled torches are recommended for these applications and Wledcraft offers wide range to choose. To know more about please write to us at online@itws.net

Specialty Torches

There are also specially designed torches engineered to do more specialized job as that of A-150 modular torches or W-125 macro series. The Specialty & Modular Series is engineered with high-performing air-cooled and water-cooled technology to ensure that you can weld multiple joint configurations for various applications and angles. The picture shows the Weldcraft™ A-200 Modular Valve, Braided Rubber, 12.5 ft., Torch Package

Automation Torches

As the name suggest these torches are designed to meet the automation need to increase the productivity. Formerly known as the WP-27 Series, the W-500 Automation Series is designed for mechanized welding applications and engineered to meet your stringent and continuous demands.


Every part of the torch is replaceable and is available in stock to meet the customer requirement. The picture indicates the breakdown of spares availability for a torch.

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